Why N'eat? & Why Grab?

The brands were established in 2014 by Anthony Jenks, who wanted better energy bars than was available at that time. A keen sportsman, and with a background in the food industry, he firstly set about creating a delicious and nutritious Vegan bar that would be made using natural ingredients - a bar that would be popular with anybody who led an active life as well as anybody who wanted to. A few months later a range of 5 N'eat Bar flavours was launched, and is now in 2021 sold throughout the UK and Europe.
Grab Bars followed soon after. The range of 4 Flapjacks were developed to be just as delicious (as N'eat Bars), nutritious, and energising. The bars are suited to Vegetarians, but not Vegans, and are sold in many sports clubs and high end cafes throughout the UK.